Art Humanities: Spring 2013

Final Project: Exhibition

Due MONDAY, MAY 13th, by 5PM via e-mail ( I WILL NOT accept any late projects.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to address any technical difficulties BEFORE our last day of class (Monday, May 6th). No exceptions.

Tip: Your file will most likely be too large to send via conventional e-mail (Cubmail, Gmail, etc.). Instead, send it via WETRANSFER.COM (a site that allows you to send large files for free). PLEASE USE ONLY THIS SITE, as it helps me keep all of your submissions organized.

25% of final grade.

Design your own exhibition. You will come up with a central theme under which a small number of works (no fewer than 4, but no greater than 6) will be organized. Be creative! You may choose from ANY OF THE WORKS SHOWN IN THE POWERPOINT LECTURES FROM THIS COURSE (all of which are at your disposal here on the wiki), OR ANYTHING IN THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. Your exhibition will consist of two main components:

1) A short précis (1 page), either written in Word or designed as a brochure, that includes and describes:

  • the organizing theme or principle behind the exhibition

  • the goal of the exhibition

  • the names of the works you've chosen and how they are relevant to the exhibition

2) A PowerPoint file (it seems from class that many of you already have this in Microsoft Office, but the software is also available in all university computer labs), which MUST consist of the following:

  • the works you have chosen, either shown singly or in a comparison (to do this, simply go to the top of the screen while in the program and click "insert" and then "new slide")

  • you must have at least one comparison in your slide presentation (e.g. you can have three comparisons of 2 images each, one comparison and two single images, etc.)

  • the name of the artist, the work, and the date for each image in your presentation (to enter this information, go to the top of the screen while in the program and click "insert" and then "text box" and click anywhere in the slide to enter the box)

  • an AUDIO component: pretend that you are giving me an audio guided tour of your exhibition (to do this, once again go to the top of the screen while in the program and click "insert" and then "audio" and then "record audio" after that; an icon, whose size you can manipulate, will appear that can be entered directly into the slide). This should not be a simple reading from any part of your text, and should include more than a simple mention of the basic information you include in the text box. You should discuss both formal criteria AND subject matter to the extent that it pertains to the central theme of your exhibition. Remember that this is not a research assignment. I am not expecting you to give me any biographical information about the artists other than perhaps the little bit we've discussed in class. Finally, the audio should be of a reasonable length (i.e. of the kind you would expect to hear in an actual museum; it provides more than just the name, date, and title, but strives to be concise), although I have no set minimum or maximum.

The main idea is that your PowerPoint presentation will elaborate upon the brief summary of the exhibition that is provided in the précis. Make sure to provide a kind of narrative that demonstrates how all of these works tie together in some kind of meaningful and interesting way.

N.B. RECORD YOUR AUDIO IN POWERPOINT ONLY. Do not use GarageBand, your phone, or any other device to record the audio, since those audio files may be playable on your own computer, but will not necessarily work on another computer (i.e. mine, which is the one that counts!). I strongly recommend that you attempt to open your completed PowerPoint and play back the audio on another computer before you submit it.

Have FUN!!